Friedrich Koerner von Gustorf
Friedrich Koerner von Gustorf - Kanzlei für Strafrecht in Berlin-Schöneberg

We are a specialised law office and work exclusively in the field of criminal law.

We offer full service to English speaking clients in all areas of criminal law and supplementary penal provisions outside the criminal code.

Ursus Koerner von Gustorf has specialised in representing English speaking clients in criminal cases all over Germany as well as in the subject of extradition and surrender of accused or convicted persons. He is a member of the European Criminal Bar Association and the International Criminal Bar.

Please contact our English speaking staff :

+49-30-21 23 29 21 (Tel.)
+49-30-21 23 29 22 (Fax)

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Friedrich und Koerner von Gustorf Rechtsanwälte und Fachanwälte für Strafrecht
Münchener Straße 16, 10779 Berlin; Tel. 030 / 21 23 29 21; Fax 030 / 21 23 29 22
In emercency: +49 179 290 50 69, E-Mail: